Blast Off!

Well eleven years in waiting is finally here!  In a half an hour we head to the airport for our big jump across the pond! Three kids under four, 11 suitcases, four carry-ons, a backpack, guitar, and three kid-size packs, a stroller and a carseat....WOW can you picture us getting through the airport? Lift us up in the travels as well as our health, we have been to the pharmacy nine times in the past two months and are going while Hudson has a cold, Kenny has returning bronchitis for the third time and Samara has an infection on her arm and a cough.  Ask the Father that we would have much patience with one another today, that we would be filled with joy and have happy and content hearts as we make the long awaited journey!  Thank you all for your part in this process, we are so blessed!  We can't wait to see how the Father walks alongside us along the way.  Much love!!!! Team Houston

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