Our Little Sunshine

This past year has been one of the most difficult of my life if not THE most difficult.  But as the song goes “You are my Sunshine…you make me happy when skies are gray…” This little gal truly brings a bright spot in our days.  Philana Havin Grace : Lover of all God’s Creatures, “Summer” in Kurdish ….our Summer Grace, born in the heat of the summer a year ago.   She is LOUD and oh so Funny, she loves to dance and clap to music, she is independent – insisting on feeding herself even from an itty-bitty age and she loves her momma!

Philana Håvin Grace
Photo complements of: Josh Beachem

I thoroughly enjoyed decorating for her party and some of the décor I made has become a permanent fixture in my living room

The table runner I painted yellow chevron on for her party and recycled in the process as the white runner had some tea stains on it and now the yellow covers it up and gives it new life. 

I also painted the inside of this jar with blue paint and made tissue paper flowers and then wrapped them around a pencil / straw with pipe cleaner.  Flowers don’t really grow in Batman because of the heat so to purchase imported ones is really expensive so I opted for making my own.

Here are some more tissue paper flowers and to fill the jar more economically I sliced lemons instead of the candied almond route.  I set an empty peanut butter jar inside filled with white beans for the flowers to stick out of then lined around the pb jar with lemons. 

The cake: my first attempt at roses

Her first bite of cake:

She liked it so much we later found her eating the crumbs off the ground :) 

Some of our party guests: 

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  1. beautiful daughter and family Kindra. Looks like you enjoyed decorating and baking. :-)