Day 1

So much to tell, where to start?  Day 1 began at about 1 in the morning states time, 8 am in our destination city.  Imagining a flight with three kids, 12 large suitcases/trunks, a stroller, carseat, four carry-ons, a backpack, three small bags and a guitar seemed like a nightmare.  Reality was sweet!  The Father was so gracious to us and our children were such blessings...troopers!  We had our friend Char traveling with us which was another huge blessing.  While walking through the last airport I said "How does God spell blessing: C-H-A-R!" :)  All of our belongings arrived except one very large box that had the kids easel, princess castle, bedding and dress-ups in it.  We arrive at the apartment we will be staying in while our coworkers are back in the states and begin unpacking.   About midnight the power goes out, the kids wake up screaming and crawl in our bed, then someone begins ringing the doorbell non-stop.  The power is still out, we do not know any language and gather it is not safe to open the door under such circumstances.  The Father to the rescue again, and our sweet neighbors answer their door and take care of the situation.  Check out Day 2 for the rest of the story....
Queen Mother

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