Being equipped to win the prize

Our time in training has been going so well.  It has been extremely busy and we have just recently been able to access internet but our access is limited to two buildings so it is not as convenient as we are used to. Thus we have to work harder at staying connected with you all.   Know that even if our contact is less frequent, we are lifting many of you up to the Father on a regular basis.  We delight in knowing the needs in your life and how we can be interceding on your behalf as well as cherishing the ways you intercede on our behalf.   With how busy our time is it has been good for our training in being a Warrior on the battlefield... we must rise earlier than usual to spend time with the Father in intercession, time in the sword of truth and time in exercising our bodies in such a way that we can endure to the end, all before 7:45 am when we and our kids must be ready for the day.  Queen Mother enjoys a challenge and this has been good for me to sharpen my disciplines, to have the mindset of a warrior, to run in such as way not to just endure, but to win the prize, to please my master that His name might be spread among the world.   Intercede on our behalf that we might view ourselves as having the rights of a dead person or the rights of a bond-slave as our master did who went before us.  Intercede for us that we might have "unity, so that the world may know" John 17:21,23.   We heard a few things that stuck with me.  "Disciples are made not born" intercede that this would be ground into the fibers of our mind that we would make ourselves more like the master and that we would make disciples of others and doing it well, training them to run to win the prize as well.  "If I love less than THE WORLD, than I don't love like [the master]"...intercede that we would continue to grow in our passion for the whole world to know and not just those directly around us, and to remember that they won't know without unity among us (Eph 4).  intercede that we would remember that "one cannot be in combat and live luxuriously at the same time!" That we would lay down our rights, our comforts, our expectations and live in such a way that exalts others, that considers others better than ourselves....pray especially for me (queen mother) in this as I am usually the one that thinks more of comfort and what I am and am not willing to do for the sake of the advancement of the kingdom.  Is not someone hearing for the first time the hope of the truth not worth more than my comfort? Is not someone hearing for the FIRST TIME the hope that we take for granted in the states not worth more than my own comfort?   Intercede for queen mother as i strive and struggle to get to the root of my fear that grips me at times.... to stand firm in FAITH, the antithesis of fear for if we are not firm in faith we are not firm at all (Isa 7:9b) and I want to be firm! battle with me in intercession using the word of truth, battle with me asking that I would be CONSTANT in intercession for my family and those whom I have planned to consistently lift up.   intercede that we would have "faith that rests in the POWER of [The father]" 1 cor 2:5.   Intercede 2 Peter 1:3-8 for us ... we have been granted ALL things for life and g.dliness... HAVING ESCAPED from the corruption that is in the world because of sinful desire. FOR THIS REASON make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, virtue with knowledge, knowledge with self control, self control with steadfastness > godliness > brotherly affection > love..... if these qualities are yours and are increasing, they KEEP YOU FROM BEING INEFFECTIVE OR UNFRUITFUL in the knowledge of our [Master]....for IF YOU PRACTICE THESE QUALITIES YOU WILL NEVER FALL."    My time must come to a close as we have more meetings to attend, THANKFUL FOR YOU ALL!  Our kids are doing GREAT and flourishing where the Father has planted them for the time being, we in our family strive to "bloom where we are planted" ask that we would continue to hold to this motto!
Queen Mother for us all

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