We Have arrived!

We spent two wonderful days with some dear friends just before having to be at training.  Then upon leaving to head the 3 hours to training we got stuck in the DC power outages.  There was bumper to bumper traffic and we were close to empty and couldn't find gas anywhere.  When we were at the point of needing to just pull in a non-functional gas station and wait for the power to come on - which could of been days, we begin pr.ying to the Father and asking our community group at our home fellowship to do the same.... not long later we found a working gas station.  All in all it took us 3 and a half hours to get out of DC which is close to where we started.  Our children were so patient through it all, praise the Father!  We had luggage stuffed in every possible spot, we were sitting on it, it was under our feet.... we walked in to our new apartment for two months and the girls were so excited to have a room and see their toys they haven't seen for two months.  We met some new friends who are moving to our part of the world and played on the playground and this morning we dropped them off for their first day of school at 7:45 am.  They took a bag with some comfort items but all met their teachers without a hitch...no tears involved.  Again, praise the Father!!! Thank you all for lifting us up!  We head into our first full day of meetings now.

If your interested in Kindra's spiritual meter, check out http://morselsoftruth.blogspot.com/  I post things on here from my quiet time etc.... since this blog is more just family life.

Much love,
Queen Mother

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