Six Years of Grace

The day started out with these beautiful gerbera daisies from my wonderful husband! I can't decide if gerbera's or tulips are my favorite flower as "favorite" is a hard word for me that I do not is so hard to choose just one and label it "favorite".  Thus Kenny fluctuates between the two as he knows I can't pick just one.  (One of my many quirks)  Thankful for a husband who loves me in spite of my quirks!
 next we spent a few hours enjoying the beach with the grandparents and our cousin!  Hudson enjoyed the view of the ocean from his pack-n-play under an umbrella and was thoroughly peaceful!  
Then we spent about an hour at the pool with the kiddos where Hudson got some play time! Then Kenny and I went out to dinner for our six year anniversary.  With three kids in our quiver it seems hard to believe we have only been married for six years.  My how kids change and mature you, they are an enormous part of God's grace to us as their arrival has only improved our marriage on many levels.  It has been a joy to watch Kenny grow in leadership over this past year and as his card I gave him said "Perfect Match.....Advantage: Me" 

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  1. Those are my 2 favorite type of flowers too. Forget the roses! :)

    Happy Anniversary! The trip to Orlando is still one of our favorites.