Lots of water fun

Our week at the beach is going great so far.  My girls are LOVING the water at the beach and the pool.  Hudson....he spends most of his time supervising the fun from the confines of his pack n play on the beach.  To his credit though, he has been a trooper and not complained at all.  He is an adventurer.  With each passing day, the girls are getting braver and braver with the water.  Today was the first day Naomi got in all the way and really had fun.  Samara...well, she is determined to have fun no matter where she is.  Take a look.

This is Mamaw having fun with Naomi in the pool!

Naomi, wasn't too happy one day at the beach.  

Hudson peering on in excitement as he watches his sisters play on the beach.

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  1. Ahhh... You are not helping my beach fever!!