Fun Day at the Farm

Here in Kings Mountain, we have the chance to see and do alot of things that we never do in the city.  One of which is farm animals.  Our kids were super excited yesterday to be spending the day with Brad and Lindsey Bridges and their new girl Shiloh.  We literally spent the entire day with them.  Brad and I grew up best friends, he was my best man at my wedding, and now our paths are converging once again before we both head to the mission field.  The Bridges are going to a country in Latin America to take the Good News to those who have not received it.  They leave in June, so please be praying for them.  There is not another person that I would trust more with the Gospel than Brad.

So....yesterday we got a chance to hang out with Brad and his family's cows.  Needless to say we had alot of fun watching the girls throw bread in to feed them.  Naomi kept talking about "riding a big cow".

This was Kindra's favorite part of the day...seeing the horses....

Uncle Moose (Brad) trying to tempt the cows to lick our heads during the photo

The Houston family and the Bridges family

I had to include this picture of Kindra and the horses....maybe one day she will have some of her own...

We are traveling to the beach today for a week with my family.  Please be praying that the Father is glorified in our travels and for opportunities to tell people about Him.  We will update you with some pictures and stories (there are always stories when traveling with 3 kids!) later in the week.


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  1. Looks like you all had a good visit. I know you were glad to spend time with them before they leave this month.