"Mamaw" came to town last night with our niece, Meile, and took us all out to one of those Japanese restaurants where the chef cooks right in front of you. And if you have ever been to one of these places, the chef squirts some stuff on the stove and causes a huge flame to burn on the surface (for effect). This was happening all over the restaurant at other tables and each time, Meile, Samara, and Naomi would scream, "FIRE!!!". Of course we drew several glances, and of course we were the loudest table, but for the most part they were the main attraction in this huge dining room, and that is saying something when the chefs are paid to entertain.

After dinner, Mamaw took all three girls back to her hotel room for a girls night out (in) party, where I am sure multiple suckers and treats were handed out.

Meile will be around alot today and tomorrow as Momaw is in town for meetings. This is great for Samara because they are really hitting it off. Stay posted, I am sure there will be some funny stories from this week together.... We will try to get some pictures of the cousins together.