sleep walking

Our niece Melie slept over last night and Samara saw that she doesn't wear diapers or pull ups when she goes to bed. So naturally Samara bucked up against the idea of a diaper to sleep in. We have told Samara repeatedly that if she has to go "pee pee" she can get up and go to the bathroom during the night, which has never worked. I guess she hasn't had much motivation. Well now she does! Last night Samara got up 3 different times to "pee pee". This is still very unusual for Kindra and myself because we are not used to hearing doors open and close at 3 in the morning while we are in bed. Kindra and I don't think Samara realizes she is awake or something because during her naptime today Kindra sent me this messege,

"So nap time has barely been underway....maybe an hour....i hear the door open, out comes samara who shuts the door behind her...doesn't acknowledge me, walks groggily into the bathroom, pees, walks back to her room shuts the door and goes back to sleep! she might finally be getting it!!! why didn't we try the diaper forever ago? she definitely doesn't want to be associated with a baby!"

Can you just imagine a 3 year old getting up from her nap, walking to the bathroom, using it, walking back to her room, shutting the door behind her, climbing back in bed and going back to sleep, AND NOT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGING HER MOTHER WATCHING THE WHOLE THING!" Too funny!.