just life

This past weekend we were able to spend some good time with our CTL (guy over all the Dish workers worldwide). We had some really good Q and A that answered alot of questions we still had. To give you the rundown: we need to be working on the language NOW, hold off on bringing carseats (kids ride in your lap there), it is our discretion on how security sensitive we want to be when referring to our future home country and people group. We will probably lean on the side of caution after hearing stories of the government making it harder to get permits and visas to those they openly know is sharing the Gospel.

In other news, Samara is starting to show herself as someone who hates sleeping in any kind of clothing! And when I say any kind of clothing, I mean ANY KIND OF CLOTHING! It starts when she is laying in bed, she asks to take her shirt off because she is "hot". Well, the past few nights, while checking on the kids before we head off to bed, we have noticed that samara has stripped off her pants, off her pull-ups and is laying there in full moon on top of her covers. She hates being confined....I guess even by clothes. For those of you who know Samara, this is her personality to a T. She is her own person. She has an opinion and she is not afraid to tell you what it is. I love her so much, but at times I wonder if this free willin' personality is going to cause problems down the road....right? Only the Lord knows. He is the one who gave her to us, so we will raise her for His glory and His fame...all the while trying to keep clothes on her....