What's Cooking?

This is our kitchen and the island we had built.  We are thrilled to have the extra counter and storage space.  We will have bar height chairs coming for informal dining, snack space, play-doh space, helping mom cook etc.... In working with the builders we learned many lessons on communicating in another language and culture.  I had to lay aside my american mentality a ton and probably should have more.  I think my old kitchen used to be the size of the island itself....thankful for more work space! Sure makes hosting the oodles of people that pass through our house easier.  I even had space to make a drawer just for tea items :)  so now when you visit my house you can enjoy a delightful cup of tea made to order!  See doesn't that make you want to hop a plane over?!  We'll be waiting! 

Living/Dining room to come tomorrow....

~ Queen Mother

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