Our Center for learning

As everything in our house, our classroom is still a work in progress but I am so blessed and so thankful to have a place I can make into our center for learning.  I am a scatterbrain so an organized environment is vital for me to function and stay on task.  This room is a gift from God to us...mostly a gift to me...it is my favorite room in the house.
 Can you believe I found this english continent rug in the middle of Asia?!  I couldn't and it was a steal of a deal.... just another gift from God to me.  The kids hop from continent to continent everyday as I sing the Continent song that my friend Kari taught me.  We also have calendar time and reading time on this rug.  In the back right corner we have our language development shelves.  We are learning to read and write right now.  On the left edge of the screen is the shelf with our geometric solids, metal insets for writing preparation, our world puzzles, knobless cylinders, peg puzzles, pink tower, brown stairs and geometric shapes. 
 In the back right is our math shelf and Samara's desk under the window
 In the back left corner is our art shelf with free reign to creating!  I have quite a few artists on my hands who can turn out a number of masterpieces and this is only the beginning.... It appears that the creative genes from Nanny continue to be passed along.

This room is right off of our kitchen stay tuned tomorrow for the kitchen and the custom built island.

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  1. This is amazing! You have a very nice set-up here. Would you mind coming to California and helping me get my school room set up? LOL Seriously, though, great work, Kindra! It's a fantastic environment for learning. Great bright, calming color on the wall, too. Hopefully it all helps to hunker down and focus!