Letter C

Monday was Letter C day
Menu: Coffee Cake or Cereal for breakfast
Carrots, Cucumbers, Cantaloupe, Chips for Lunch
Chickpea Curry for Dinner

God's Word: Creation Story
                      Days of Creation Song by Matt Huesmann
                      Days of Creation Sorting activity

God's World:
                     Animal Sorting activity: Which lives in the Air, Land and Water? Cougar, Caribou, Clown fish, Cardinal, Canary, Cicada, Coyote, Caterpillar, Crocodile, Cod
                     Learned about the Carolina Chickadee, and Cardinal
                    Art project: Making Caterpillars out of pipe cleaners

Countries introduced:

Bible-less People: Chut of Vietnam

Geographical Landforms:
Continental Divide
Continental Shelf

Letter C sound Basket:
              c Sandpaper letter
              Objects: Cake, carrot, comb, cow, cougar, cube, coin, cat, clothespin
              picture sound card: car, cobra, clarinet, canoe, crown, colt, cat, crank
              picture book: crown, cat, canoe
Melissa & Doug see and spell words: cake, cow, cat

Clothes Matching
transferring Clothespins
Telling Time on a Clock: 7:00 learned

Counting activities:
Bead pyramid
Sequencing Hatching Chicks
Number Rods

Other C Songs danced to:
Clean it up by Laurie Berkner Band
Car Trouble by Music for Aardvarks and other mammals
Clap by Music for Aardvarks and other mammals
Cells by They might be giants
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo by Choo Choo Soul
Crawdad by Elizabeth Mitchell
This is my Commandment by Veggie Tales

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