Letter B Lesson Plans

Today was a review of the Letter B
"B says Buh"

Sound Bin with Sandpaper Letter B
which includes: Bat, buffalo, box, bead, bean, Butterfly, Bug, bag, bracelet, beaver, bottle, baby, balloon, bonnet, baboon, bango, ball, bagpipe

Countries Introduced:
Bahrain - Thankful for our friend MJ from here :)
Bhutan - read about the Brokpa people from here who do not have a bible in their language
Brazil - posted the flag on our flags of the World map and prayed for our friend Tanner serving here :)

Landforms introduced: *Geography from A to Z by Jack Knowlton

Yoga Pose: The Butterfly Pose: Sit tall with the soles of your feet together. Hold the feet with your hands, press your thighs down to open your butterfly wings.  Gently make your wings go up and down and fly away.  Where would you fly?
*yoga command cards by Gini Newcomb from www.Newchildmontessori.com

Songs Danced to:
Bumblebee (buzz buzz) by The Laurie Berkner Band
Only a BOY named David by Matt Huesmann
The BIBLE by veggietales
In the BELLY of the Whale by Veggie Rocks

Melissa & Doug See and Spell words:

Books Read: Birds, Nests and Eggs by Mel Boring (Given by the Muse Family) - read the pages on the Blue Jay, Barn Swallow and the Black Capped Chickadee

Built with the brown stairs and pink tower:

Moveable Alphabet:
  Spelled the words: Bat, Box, Bug, Bag

Watched video: Were Going on a Bear Hunt

Did our Blue Knobless cylinder Box - shortest to tallest and made a pattern
Learned the Blue Triangular Prism from our Geometric Solids
Traced the Blue square inset with a blue pencil

At Lunch we talked about all the healthy foods that start with B: Blueberries, Black Beans, Butter Beans, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Blackberries, beets, Butternut Squash and what Bulb vegetables were.

There is alot you can learn when you focus on a letter ... stay tuned tomorrow for the letter C :)

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