Learning to dance

Living in another culture is like learning a new dance....
....the notes are different...not wrong, just different. Living in another culture really is an art like dancing, you have to learn the moves, the notes, the flavor of the dance so to speak and then learn to move with it in a way that is not awkward.  In dancing you wouldn't compare the tango and cha-cha and say that the tango is wrong, it's just new and different and you don't know all the moves.  To move gracefully in another culture you must first understand it....just like learning a new dance you may step on a few toes, stumble through the steps at first but over time you learn, you improve, you dance and eventually (hopefully) you become graceful at it and then it becomes second nature.  At first it requires much thought and concentration and is often a headache, but I look forward to the day when it is second nature and I can glide through the culture gracefully, knowing the moves, the flavor, the notes and dancing along.

Today was a beautiful day of practicing my dance moves, stumbling much but improving all the more...today was a day for hope.  Hope that one day I will learn the ways of this culture, one day I will appreciate all the facets of it, one day I will speak the language of this culture more fluidly and relationships can deepen, dancing can happen....looking forward to the one day and stumbling my way through the today!

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