Up and Running

It has been awhile since we have blogged.  For some reason we were unable to access the site.  But we are now up and running with internet in our new place and have been able to access blogger so hopefully we will be more consistent with blogging.

Current status:  We love our new home and praise the Lord for the blessing of our own little nest.  We have had many welcoming neighbors with four tea invitations that I have to follow up on this week.  We are right next to a running trail which is a blessing for Queen Mother to be able to pad out her stress on the road.  It is also a blessing for the kids to run out their energy and thus be quieter within the house.  Almost every night since being here we have taken the kids out for a family walk/run.
      Hudson is currently a challenge as he gets into EVERYTHING and is in a self-realization/fit-throwing stage.  Yesterday while i was cleaning up his lunch mess i found him digging the toilet bowl gel out of the toilet... then later that afternoon he was up on the counter trying to eat the tomatoes i brought from the market..... he keeps me on my toes to say the least!
     Samara LOVES skirts and dresses she can "twirl" in and she is constantly dancing around the house in the skirt her Momaw sent her.  Naomi loves to twirl too but is usually found caring for her baby doll.
    Our classroom is set up and we have been enjoying going out onto our patio every morning to determine the weather for our calendar time. Today it is cloudy and cold.
    Next week Papa and I travel out east to our desired destination city to scope it out and determine how we could legitimately live there.  The kids will be staying with friends so pray for them and us as we are away.   In three weeks we have friends coming from our home church to visit us and we CANNOT WAIT, we are so excited!  We know this will be a wonderful time of refreshment, fellowship and encouragement for our faith as well as a great opportunity to give them a glimpse of our lives here.

Pictures of the home to come soon!

Queen mother

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