Day 4: durt

Char, the kids and I (kindra) ventured out by taxi to Cora Church, an ancient church that is now a museum in our city.  We saw pictures on the ceiling of Jesus healing the blind men,  of the serpent wrapping through the disciples, of the wise men speaking to King Herod and of baby Jesus.  The kids and I then went and got some juice while Char finished looking and we got to use an asian potty which was an experience in itself helping two toddlers while the baby was strapped too me in the Ergo.  We found baby kittens under the stairwell and then we got to meet some ceramic vendors who gave us candy.  We then caught a taxi home for lunch and naps.  While the kids were napping Kenny and I were taken to Ikea and various other shops and I was able to find a crock pot which will be extremely helpful since my language lessons are not over until 5 pm and then I have to walk home.  We also found a starbucks where I was able to buy ground coffee and they gave us free drinks! That night we went had dinner with our coworkers in their home.
Queen Mother

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