Hudson's Surgery

Yesterday we got up at 4 am to head out for Hudson's surgery that was from 7-7:30 am.  The last time he had eaten was 7 pm the night before but he was as chipper as usual, I cuddled with him for a long time as he went through pre-op stuff and then he fell asleep in my arms waiting for the surgery so I passed him off to the anesthetist while he was still asleep so the send off could not have been more peaceful.  He was given a beanie bear that we played with during pre-op and he and his papa had fun tossing it back and forth.  After surgery we weren't allowed to see him for a half hour.  We were told he could have his bottle but probably wouldn't want to eat anything the rest of the day.  We gave him his bottle and as soon as it was empty he was crying for more so out came the food and he gobbled it up like nothing had happened.  We haven't had to use his pain prescription, we have just used infant tylenol and motrin and he has literally acted like nothing different has taken place.  He slept longer than usual at nap time but that has been the only indicator.  His sister was not being too careful and flipped herself and him off the bed (the mattress was on the floor so it wasn't too far) and he just giggled but then we showed the girls his incision wounds and reminded them they needed to be careful with him the next few weeks while he heals.   He has too incision wounds at his diaper line that are about an inch and a half each as he had a double hernia repair.  There is only a 3% chance of him getting the same kind of hernia in the future so he should be better than new now.  We really could not have had a smoother process through all of this.  We felt the grace of God and continue to see His hand upon us as we follow in obedience to His direction in our lives.  Our children continue to amaze us at how well they are adapting and are a sweet picture of God's grace to us.

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