A Swimming Success

The past two weeks have been an amazing time with Kindra's family in Orlando.  Everyday we have spent hours in the their pool, slowly teaching the girls how to swim.  Yesterday, Samara was holding onto the edge of the pool without floaties, while I was a few yards away.  I was "encouraging" her to swim to me.  She had tried this numerous times the past week, every time hovering about 6 inches below the surface while she kicks.  Just before she starts to panic I pull her up and tell her to try again.

Yesterday, she was back at it again, holding onto the edge of the pool with me in the middle.  She pushed off from the side, but this time she didn't continue to sink like before.  This time, at first she was under the water, but slowly she began to rise until her nose was above the surface.  In complete excitement I rushed to her and grasped her to me, congratulating her all at the same time.  She was so proud of herself, she rose above the water.  Then she felt compelled to tell "Nanni" and "Popi" of her success.

Here is a picture of Samara in the pool....

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  1. I posted a comment to you earlier, just put it in the wrong place, I see now...

    Samara and Naomi, the pool and playhouse are so lonely without you! We miss all the laughter, and there is one big bed that's just itching to play hide&seek and have some little feet climbing and jumping on it! :D