Back from Travel

The past week and a half have been a whirlwind to say the least. The Lord has been faithful to sustain us in our traveling. This past week we spent time in Chicago and Cincinnati. While we were in Chicago we got meet some great friends and people that we will be living with for two months in July. While in Chicago, we were officially "appointed" by the company. The only thing that would have made our time there any better was if our family could have come. But alas, someone had to stay behind and watch the kids.

Here is a picture of Hudson chillin' in the back yard at Mamaw's house while we're away.

This is typical of our son: #1 He is mischievous, and #2 he likes to eat.  So put them together and you get raids on the fridge.

The pool that Mamaw and Papa Marty set up in the backyard might have been the biggest hit of the week!

So while our kiddos were having the time of their life with Mamaw, Kindra and I left Chicago and visited a church were were hoping to partner with in Cincinnati.  Our time there was great.  We had so many opportunities to sit down with the elders and go over the ins and outs of their fellowship to see if we would work well together.  Providence is a young church plant like our TCC is, so they share a soft spot in our hearts.  We are looking forward to many years of fellowship and friendship with them while we are on the field. 

We are super excited about this coming Sunday because our church is commissioning us to be sent out from them to the nations.  This is a perfect example of Act 13 and we are thrilled to be a part of it.  Keep checking in to see how it goes!