Presents for Jesus

We hope your Christmas is filled with reflections on the birth of a babe who came to take away the sins of the world! With hands that spread His love around to others, and hearts that never forget the sacrifice He made so that all may know Him!  Jesus truly is the reason for this Season! What gifts will you be giving to Jesus this year? We would love to hear your ideas as we look for more ways to give to Him instead of ourselves. 
Some of our thoughts: 
 Heifer International - giving bees so an impoverished family can be trained in a skill to make an income. 

My friend Casey is raising money for bunk beds for the orphanage she just adopted from in the Congo - you can give so that kids don't have to sleep on the ground! 

Give to Okoa Refuge where you can feed the hungry in Uganda, supply clean water, sponsor a child...oh so many options, check it out!!!

 Earthquake Relief in Van, Turkey, If you live in the US you can text the word AIDE to 85944 to donate $10 text as many times as you want!

Send us your ideas!

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