Snakes, snails, puppy dog tails...

This is our little guy, affectionately known by the locals as "Tarzan" and I believe that is a rarely good description of him these days! What a joy and delight it is to have him in our life! His room is still a work in progress but several have been asking for pics so here is what we have set up so far.

This last pic is of Hudson and his new friend who watches him while we have language class in the other room.  This particular day he got to watch a diego show as his first week he was a little clingy adjusting to a new friend and his sisters not being around.  He has a totally different personality when his sisters are gone, he is calm, quiet, doesn't get into is so funny to watch the transformation once his sisters come home.  We are thankful for our new friend and the blessing she is to our family!

The girls room to come tomorrow!

Queen Mother

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