God's World

Today was a good day in our nest.  Queen mother was up early and that means our schedule happened today!
- Breakfast and Devotions
- Clear the Table, Brush teeth, get dressed, do "Practical Life" chores.
- Calendar Time - Learned a smidgen about the Declaration of Independence and the 4th of July
- Language Development:
                       - S,M,A,T and sorted pictures and objects according to the various sounds.
                       - Then we read books with topics on those letters: Snow Leopard, Mammals, Animal
                         Discovery and a book of Tongue Twisters.

                 - the first volume video of "Your Baby Can Read" video by Robert Titzer, reviewed the 
                   flashcards and read the books for that Level.  This was a gift from our Uncle Kicker! (a 
                   brilliant mind investing in the minds of my youngins = priceless) We love you Uncle 
               - Melissa & Doug See and Spell - the girls loved spelling out words on their own
               - Creative Writing (They make up the story and I write it down since they can't write much yet)     
                 the story gets reviewed and expanded the next day.  (this was a new idea thanks to Samara). 
- During the girls See & Spell Time Hudson worked on colors, counting, sorting, fine motor skills, and object permanence with Queen mother. 
- Lunch
- Then we worked on learning our second language before nap-time.

There is still more we didn't get covered in our school day today due to me having to learn to juggle having an almost 2 year old in the classroom who doesn't have the attention span of his sisters.  This is a work in progress and I welcome suggestions from the peanut gallery if you are juggling different young ages of kids 4 and under and have some tips.  Blogging about what were doing is accountability and motivation for me to keep going and for now some sort of record/"evidence" of what we have done. 

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