Simmering Sunday

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With three kids four and under getting dinner on the table can be quite a feat.  Especially living in another country where each meal takes a good two hours or so to prepare since everything must be done from scratch....beans soaked days prior, veggies washed, diced etc... So my main meals are often cooked up on Sunday...hence Simmering Sunday was born.
So this weeks meals:

Sunday Soup:
Coconut Thai Soup, Whole Wheat honey bread, fresh sliced strawberries (Papa is having BBQ chicken & Cole slaw because he is not a vegetarian and I thought it would be a nice treat since I was cooking some for my friends who had twins)
Mexican Monday: Black bean and Rice enchiladas, home-fried tortilla chips, guacamole, salsa
Turkish Tuesday: Kumpirs (like a fancy baked potato) topped with mushrooms, broccoli, corn, Whole wheat bread, rice pudding
Whatever Wednesday: Country Creole Peas, cornbread, baked plantains
Thursday: Veggie Pie, mashed potatoes, Whole wheat bread, banana pudding
Friday: Breakfast - Pumpkin pancakes, green smoothie
Same Ol' Saturday: Pancakes for breakfast, Homemade Pizza for supper

What's cooking up in your kitchen this week?

Queen Mother

p.s. took the tip of my finger off tonight slicing the bread...oops!

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