Glimpse of our morning

 During breakfast we read a Big Thoughts book on the Gospel, Mission or Trinity; we review our memory verse; Currently: Prov 14:26  He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for His children it will be a refuge.   As we were battling fear for awhile.  Then we go over some catechism questions.

8:30 - 10:00 is School time
 Here is Naomi finishing up her pouring lesson
 and returning it to the shelf.
 We planted herbs including the wheat grass here that we use in our cooking.   The girls were learning about the sequence of a seed to a plant.
 We are learning our letter sounds.  So far we have T, S, N, H, C, A; we learn the sign language for these as well.
 Here was a Botany lesson on plant families straight from our Pazaar! :)

Craft time often follows lesson time and this particular day we made paper dolls.  Naomi's pictured on the right was named "Mercy" after her sweet friend in North Carolina!  Nothing like multi-cultural paper dolls!

Speaking of Multi-cultural.... I was excited to find out last night of a near-by orphanage. My neighbor is going to ask if I can take my children there to play with the orphans.  We would love to go love on them and make some new friends.  We are hopeful this will provide an opportunity for us to minister more in our community.

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