House Church

Sunday Day 16: October 17
our first attempt at House church :) We will let the pics start the story:
 We read about Noah and the ark
 This is Samara singing a song she learned at training in Richmond:  Get in the ark its going to comes the duck, quack, quack, quack..... Thanks Ms. Jane and Ms. Janice!!!
 Even Hudson gets into story time
 Then while Kenny and I were listening to a sermon online from TCC the kids were working on the felt board, building the story of Noah's Ark that they just heard
Here is a pic of what we were doing.... We went back to when TCC started 1 Corinthians, here is Brian reading the opening text... we have missed the quality preaching of TCC so we were thankful to sit under it again... The message for us could not have been more timely:  It was talking about how poison had entered in and was rotting out their roots.  The poison of discontent had invaded my heart and was rotting my roots.  Then Sean went on to say that "rest will never be found in having your own way, it will only be found in believing God controls your life for His glory and your own good." .... "Through that good news 'Christ is enough' people were radically saved."  "God creates what he calls - What God does, He does effectually.  Those whom he calls he justifies."    That was some great meat for my hungry soul to feast on.

Queen Mother

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