Happy Birthday Papa!

Yesterday Kenny turned 28 but we celebrated tonight with this yummy cake:

(I know, it looks kinda girly but I was having a creative moment and don't make my own birthday cake so had to have fun with this one). It was a carrot cake, one of Kenny's favs.
We also started a new tradition with the birthday box: We write on a card why we are thankful for the birthday person, evidences of grace we have seen in their life this past year and on the flip side of the card we write the birthday persons answer to the following: most memorable moment this year (his trip to the beach with the girls) and favorite moment this year (the moment he heard he was going to have a son). Everyone has a section in the box and cards to be filled out each year. Adapted the idea from what Dana Cordell does for thanksgiving! We have a thanksgiving box too....thanks Dana!
I will post a picture another time.
For supper we cooked a favorite of Kenny's: Shrimp! We had Shrimp Alfredo, sauteed mushrooms and peas.

We also got him "The dangerous book for boys" but it hasn't arrived yet!

Happy Birthday!!!!

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